Make your pitch 50% better by avoiding these small mistakes👇


The First Slide 1️⃣

Ask yourself what the first slide does. Keep in mind that you have 3-8 seconds to grab their attention.

Cut the white noise ✂️

Hello, my name is Zineb Layachi and I am from Morocco. Thank you so much for the opportunity bla, bla, bla. Cut it out! You have very few seconds to grab their attention, get to the good stuff.

But, who is your Ideal Client? 🎯

Don't make me guess who this is for. 

Overcrowded slides 🥴

This deters from your spoken pitch.

Grabbing attention and maintaining it during the pitch is your goal.


What's your ASK or CTA? 💎

It's like putting all your energy in seducing someone and then forgetting to ask them out. 

Have you practiced at all? 🏹

This is an easy one to avoid. Just practice.

Product, product, product and more product 🔨

Focus on the problem first, who you are solving it for and why you are solving it.

What's the story? 💤

All great pitches have a story. We remember stories and how they made us feel...not facts.

Where's the social proof 👀

People don't want to be the first ones. Tell them others have already been winning with your product or service.

Show me the money 💵

If you have it for god's sake please don't forget to include it. 

If you don't, what's something you can show instead.

Talking too fast? 🚀

If it's the way you talk, practice slowing down. If it's because you want to cram as much in as better go back to the beginning and remove the parts that don't deliver value...make every second count!


Tell me about your Pipeline

Forget the hypotheticals, what does your current pipeline look like? Do you have access to them?

What does that even mean? 🙃

Only use jargon your audience will understand, if not they will tune out wondering what that is and completely miss your message.

Sorry, I can't understand what you're saying? 🤔

Make sure you enunciate. If English is not your first language, practice as much as you can enunciating. Choose words you are comfortable with, remember to use simple language. Talk like a human.

What will you do with that money? ❖

Investors don't want their money to pay salaries, they (especially business angels) want to be funding your learning curve. 

Where's that light? 🧡

Bring that passion with you to the (virtual) room, no one wants to see a 'meh' attitude.

The Last Slide 📧

Your contact details have to be personal.

Your name

Your role


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