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The first sales and marketing accelerator. Your private Ask Me Anything group where your sales and marketing questions actually get answered in-depth question . 

Limited to 26 startups


(background PitchSLAP, the show)...asked for more sales and marketing help but didn't want to commit to full further

There is no shortage of free advice for founders online. Sadly, most of it is not actionable and not contextual to your case.

It sounds really nice but you don't know what to do with it.

"When we don’t make a contribution in a sales process we are not invested in the outcome"

"The problem with free advice, is it is given freely"


All the time spent is time you will not get back...time is your #1 resource at this very moment.

Here is the problem with free. Free doesn't get you to the next step. 

Let's be honest, if you are ready to make money you should know how to invest. plus you've got skin in the game. 

All the tactics you read about and all the advice that you get...take it with a grain of salt. If you don't understand the context in which it was might not be for you and could cost you thousands in marketing budget.

Dangerous and costly.

No accountability

This is a big part of execution...A lack of accountability slows down your decision process and stifles your growth.

The first person you should be accountable to is yourself. But most times, self-accountability just isn’t enough.

Network with like-minded founders

We don't mean to bring up the money but money is important. The top coaches are financially inaccessible. (200€/hr)


A closed group of like-minded startup professionals

Weekly live surgeries where you pre-submit your questions

and we address them all. 

Get actionable advice

We want to inform your thinking, improve your perspective, and help you think through your problems.

We share with you what works and what doesn't from our consulting clients.

Not everyone gets in and it's limited to only 26 startups.

That means you get the best attention bla bla bla.

Direct access to sales and marketing mentoring that

Network of like-minded people you will learn from.

Bonus to up your game

A signed copy of Taran Hughes's book on signing up as a member.


After successfully pitchSLAPPING for14 shows we decided to expand to boxing as well.

Taran Hughes

20+ years in Sales

in Telecom, Blockchain, Retailtech

"Taran’s sales strategies went beyond the clichés you can obtain online."

"One of the best qualities of Zineb is that she is methodological - she really thinks about a problem, digests it, analyzes it, and come up with solid solutions one can implement immediately with little cost."

Zineb Layachi

10+ years in Marketing

in a variety of sectors including Augmented reality, FoodTech, Retailtech and VoiceTech. 

"unwavering enthusiasm for understanding."

"One of the best qualities of Zineb is that she is methodological - she really thinks about a problem, digests it, analyzes it, and come up with solid solutions one can implement immediately with little cost."

Aaron Harris, Partner at Y Combinator says

"pick that one person that you're gonna listen to"

We want to be that person for you!


Founders (head of sales) and CMO

Tech startups

Pre-selling or selling

MVP or later

Already marketing or about to start

No idea stage

This is not for the faint-hearted. 

You should know how to ask questions that are not generic, like "how do I market my business". 


Our job is to deliver our best to you, but your job is to drive things so you get the most out of us.






  • Weekly Sessions AMA Sessions

  • Submit your questions

  • Free 1 hour consultation with TH or ZL (Valued at 100€/hr)





  • Weekly Exclusive AMA Sessions

  • Submit your questions

  • Free 1 hour consultation with TH or ZL (Valued at 100€/hr)

  • 2 appearances on PitchSLAP each month (Valued at €50)

  • Access to preferencial consulting rates

  • Early access to sales and marketing content

  • Access to partner offers

  • Accountability Club

  • Free Copy of the The Conscious Sales book (Kindle version valued at €11.44)

No commitment. Cancel anytime you want.



The best part is you can write it off as a company expense. 

It is a no-brainer.


Strong emphasis on value of having accountability, being in a network of like-minded founders and access to expert knowledge (us) and connections (startup station and other strategic partners we collect on the way which we can negotiate value adds for our members) Disproportionate value that would otherwise cost multiples of the monthly charge.


Why is it limited to 26 people?

We know it is a weird number but it's a real number. Our goal is not 2000 subscribers or 10,000 subscribers...we believe that keeping it small is the best way to deliver more value to you.

Why Circle and not a free AMA session online? 

We are glad you asked. As both attendees and initiators of these types of sessions, we have noticed that the entrepreneurs rarely get their questions answered and if they do, the answers are very generic. After all it is free!

How does it work?

Apply here. 

How do I apply

Apply here. 

When do I know if I got in?

It takes us 48h to review your application, we want to make sure this is the best for you and the community. 


Shoot us an email at

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